Robot Clipart freebie and Mojo Monday

Hey All!

I'm here today to announce some more new sets that are a collaboration with the fabulously talented Rachel Land. Rachel is a children's book illustrator and happens to also be my best friend and sister. She has collaborated with me before  and is back to bring you some exciting new image sets.

The first set is a series of adorable robots (or "adorobots" as I call them). These images would be perfect for any little boy but are versatile enough to span a multitude of purposes and occasions. I made a card using one of the images inspired by this week's sketch over at the Mojo Monday blog. Here is the sketch:

And here is my take on it:

Here is the full set of images: They all come as .png files with transparent backgrounds or as one .svg file for you to play with.

The second set is a series of equally adorable owls:

Aren't they just too cute?  The owls are here and the robots are here on my Etsy site.
I'm also offering this little freebie which is one of the robots from the robot set. Have fun with it and be sure to let me know if you make something with it!

~Here's to the creative journey


  1. The robots and owls are sooo...adorable. They are smile makers for sure. As soon as I saw your card I sure did smile. This set will be great for all sorts of scrapbooking and cards.

  2. It's so cute. I love the layers you have added and the colors are so soft and nice. Great great job! TFS

  3. Very cute images. I love the cute robot and choice of paper you used. I am a new follower and hope you can stop by.

  4. Oh how cute is the little robot on your card.. Thanks for the freebee will think about what to do with him and let you know when I make something. Sandy :)

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