Cricut Cartridge: Art Nouveau: Project #7

So today I tried glass etching for the first time! There is definitely a skill to it as far as getting the image to come out perfectly even but I was really excited by the results, imperfect though they may be. I have a collection of old candle jars that I use to hold various craft supplies so I decided to experiment on one of these and some armour etch that I recently picked up at Ben Franklin. This jar was perfect because its large and the front is relatively flat. I cut the moth image from Art Nouveau out in vinyl and then weeded the parts I wanted to etch. I used transfer tape to place the vinyl on the jar and then layered etching cream over it. Warning: when they say you need a thick layer over the whole thing, they really mean it. I had thinner areas and you can see how that changed the depth of the etch. In this case its better to have too much than too little : ).

~Here's to the creative journey

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